Dylan Taylor Studio

Illustration & graphic design

My 7” cover for Roxy Music’s Virginia Plain. Exhibited & auctioned at secret-7 2014 in London. www.secret-7.com




Photograph by Tonje Thilesen

Interview with Dylan Taylor, Illustrator and graphic designer.

Dylan Taylor is a New Zealand born, Berlin based illustrator and graphic designer. Buffalo Milk asked him to share his thoughts on the concept of ‘art imitating life’ and here’s what Dylan had…

Self Portrait. www.dylantaylor.me

Illustration by www.dylantaylor.me

Gary Numan by Dylan Taylor www.dylantaylor.me

I love the new Connan Mockasin album Caramel. I also met him once, he’s a really nice guy. phantasysound 

I’m fucking gutted to hear that Bob Casale of DEVO! has passed away. One of my favourite bands ever, it’s a terrible loss, but DEVO’s music will live on forever. R.I.P & love to his family & the rest of the band x

My first illustrated gif! Berlin’s iconic Overbaumbrücke with ubahn.

Hope you catch something nice ;) Love from Dylan Taylor Studio

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